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The route of the Via del Sale crosses four Regions including Lombardy, Piedmont, Emilia Romagna and Liguria lasts 4 days, is about 80/90 km long, and retraces all the ancient paths that allowed the transport of salt from the sea inland. It starts from the small village of Varzi, a town in the province of Pavia

On the 1st day we start from Varzi towards Capanne di Cosola, but not before having visited the village of Varzi full of shops and culinary products. The direction to follow is well signposted by signs indicating the route; along the river you start to climb and you arrive after about an hour’s walk in Monteforte. After another two hours of walking you reach Pian della Mora where there is a bivouac. Up to here the path is fairly quiet, then more demanding ups and downs follow one another, with a final climb to reach the top of Mount Chiappo, from which the descent starts to get to the 1st stage Capanne di Cosola. The path took about 8 hours of walking. At Capanne di Cosola you can find two hotels for overnight stays.

On the 2nd day, leaving early considering the estimated 9 hours of walking, we start from Capanne di Cosola in the direction of Torriglia, first reaching Monte Carmo (about 2 and a half hours walk and an altitude of 1662 m) and then entering in the Antola Park you can reach the Passo delle Tre Croci at 1560 meters and after 45 minutes of walking you reach the summit of Monte Antola. Via del Sale gives way to Via del Mare (VM) in Ligurian territory. still 9 km to reach Torriglia, a town that offers different types of accommodation for overnight stays.

on the 3rd day we leave towards Uscio, going up the path left the day before, towards Sant Alberto di Bargagli, in about 4 hours of walking, where we can stop for a bivouac. From here the path becomes rather difficult, 35 minutes of climb rewarded by the arrival on the plain of Monte Bado. After half an hour of walking you reach Case Becco; the path stops for a few km to be covered on the asphalt, then resumes crossing the hamlet of Calcinara di Uscio, you arrive at Colle Caprile and go up the ridge until you get to Uscio. Here the paths that allowed the population to reach the quarries from which slate was obtained and other paths have been made retraceable (see) For overnight stays at our B&B La Margherita Uscio there are various solutions (triple, quadruple, quintuple rooms , apartments).

On the 4th day we take the Via del Mare back on the road above our structure, reach the Arnaldi colony, in a short time we arrive at the Spinarola pass and after about 1 hour and a half walking on a flat path we arrive at Caravaggio from which it enjoys a priceless view. Going down to Ruta di Camogli the signs indicate the road to Portofino Mare, with a journey of about 2 hours. Arrived in Portofino and after visiting the Piazzetta and the Porticciolo you arrive in Santa Margherita Ligure where you can take a bus to the Rapallo station

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